Fluency Calculator 1.5

I got an email last week from a awesome speech pathologist asking for a small feature that would make the app much easier for her to use day to day in her practice. So here it is!

Introducing Auto Pause.

The app can now automatically pause if there has been no input for X amount of seconds. Simple idea, this was her feedback.

I do find having to manually pause the timer a bit tedious, especially when counting adult conversation as it is so fast and requires so much processing to maintain conversation and count at once.

Because I don’t actually use the app myself, I really rely on feedback from the people who use it day to day. The feature is totally obvious to people who use it, but not to me. Which is why I think you shouldn’t build products for a market you are not actively in (or someone close to you is in), but thats a bigger topic.

So thanks to some detailed feedback everyone can now enjoy a new feature. This is how every new feature for Fluency Calculator comes to life and I think thats pretty neat.