February 2016

I often send links to different people with product / videos of whatever that I think they may be interested in. I thought it would be interesting to start a newsletter with a curation of these links. Then I thought, who would actually subscribe to that and why shouldn't this be available to everyone. So here it is:

Video - The Long Game: Painting in the Dark

This video is about producing art. It's definitely one of the main reasons for firing up this website. We all want to be awesome the first time we do something, this video talks about the process.

Book - Cabin Porn

This book is so cool, my brother recommended it to me. Originally a tumblr blog, these friends curate an awesome list of small cabins set in the wilderness. Inspiring book to create a cabin of your own.

Product - React IDE

If you are doing react native development this looks super interesting. Watch the video, sign up for the beta.

90's Movie - Payback

This months 90's movie is a Mel Gibson classic. As a kid I remember seeing the cover of this and being intrigued. Fire up Netflix, it will not disappoint.

OSS - Provisioning profile quick look

If you have ever had to deal with iOS provisioning profiles you'll know that they can sometimes be a pain. This project enables a quick look in finder. Meaning you can press space bar on a profile and have the quick look be a detailed view. Super helpful for debugging if you have a lot of profiles.

Reading - Write code that is easy to delete

Classic don't do this, but then do it articles. It hits a cord with my hack something together, see if there's value / it works, then refactor.

Website - Foodparing.ninja

Haven't actually used this website yet, but looked too cool not to post. Pair foods together and see if they are a match. I can see this being helpful for cooking up left overs in the cupboard.