Fluency Calculator 1.3

Latest version is now available on the app store. 10 months since the last update, 1.3 brings some new features that will help make the app easier to use! Most of the features were requested from daily users of the app, which I think is pretty cool. So if you have any suggestions, send them through.

Switch button position

The buttons are no longer a fixed layout. If you go to the settings menu on the top right you can switch the position of the syllable and stutter buttons.

Select button colours

Now you can choose between four different colours for the stutter and syllable buttons. Do you like them the same colour? keep it that way. Want some contrast between colours? go ahead. Again this feature is available from the settings menu

Buttons are bigger

Pretty self explanatory, the buttons are now much larger touch targets, meaning less missed presses.


I hadn't actually submitted a build for iOS 9, so this update is built for it. I also rewrote the settings menu in swift. I find I am much quicker now with swift than Obj-C. The main screen is still written in Obj-C with zero plans of migrating.


This was my first project using fastlane. Honestly, I won't be using anything else going forward, it was that good. I was dreading taking all the screenshots. 5 minutes to write a test that would walk the app and take screenshots. Priceless. Deployment was hassle free as well. I will definitely be using it for all my iOS projects.